Dreamreaper Series

These paintings came from a visit to Blackheath in London. A Fun Fair was beginning to close for the evening when we arrived. It was cold and dark and practically empty.  The attendant, tired and cold, welcomed the children to the zorb pool. He had a look of a fisherman, wearing his oliskins and hauling in the bubbles with ropes, children inside,  and finally as we all left, folding them up into tight translucent parcels.

Henry, in Blackheath (Boy in a bubble) 2018. Oil on Canvas. Private Collection

Bubble. Oil on wood panel. 2018. Private Collection

Dream Reaper II. 2018. Oil on Canvas. Private Collection

Bubble, Oil and Resin on Wood Panel, 2020. Private Collection.

Dream Reaper I. Oil on canvas. Private collection

Dream Reaper III. Oil on Canvas

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